Between you and me, life varies so much! Especially with the constant pressures and expectations put on women, we come from many different stories that have many different middle pages. 

At the Centered Life, our hope for you is to support you to write your beautiful, brilliant, and heart-aligned ending with the help of talk-therapy. 

Our team of female therapists allow a safe space for women to tell their first chapters and work through the rest of the story, together. 

See our list of services below for a glimpse into how we serve our beautiful community of self-made authors! 

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Depression & Anxiety

Being overwhelmed is underwhelming

Service Image
Trauma & PTSD

Releasing the past and moving forward with grace

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Feeling like love & acceptance isn’t part of your life plan?

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Grief & Loss

Letting go is a difficult transition

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Life Transitions

Newness and all that comes with it

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Health Psychology

Rewiring to reinvigorate life

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Work/Life Balance

Profitable throughout your entire experience

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Business & Mindset Coaching

When can you find joy in doing it all?

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Congratulations on exploring the first steps to enhancing your life. Let’s chat about you, your family, your job, your stress, your desires, and how we can make joy and bliss in between it all.

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