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Hey there! We are Val and Sam, partners at The Centered Life, goal getters, emotional intelligence (EQ) experts, serial entrepreneurs, and lovers of creating massive change and growth with our clients! We have worked with thousands of people and given them the roadmap to breaking through the barriers to creating the life and business of their dreams and it's what we love to do!

Here is the thing…. A majority of companies lead with the belief that more success=working non-stop, neglecting your life, and sacrificing your own happiness and health to get ahead. As experts on emotion and the brain, we know that this leads to a culture of burnout and actually limits the amount of success that is possible. 

Instead,  we teach companies how to achieve ultimate growth without the chaos of burnout, it’s possible to have it all! 

If you want to be a leader in your industry, here is the key that will unlock it all for you!

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the #1 factor that shapes our ability to be successful both personally and professionally. The Centered Life’s corporate coaching programs help professionals strengthen their resilience, improve confidence and increase productivity. 

Here is what we mean in pretty pictures…

We Know EQ is the #1 Predictor of Success!

Have you considered the powerful results your company will achieve when you begin to invest in your employees with this value in mind?
  • Imagine being a company whose culture is known for easy communication, where employees feel valued, understood and known for more than the results they bring.
  • How will your business perform with more focused, motivated employees who stay loyal to your company?
  • What will it feel like to be known as the company that takes care of its employees?

We invite you to join the most innovative and progressive companies in your industry and invest in your employees’ emotional intelligence. It is the foundation to the success of your company!

Our clients love to compliment our work!

“My sales team was stagnant for almost 6 years. We were producing the same results quarter after quarter, year after year. I hired The Centered Life because I knew we needed some type of breakthrough and change to achieve the business growth we wanted. After the first 6 months of receiving EQ coaching, we increased our sales by 200%. We have retained their services on-going. It’s now been almost 2 years working with them and we have consistently doubled our sales and recruiting goals each year. Their coaching has been the key to our success -Judy Higgins, Senior Sales Leader
Employees at the companies we serve also have something to say!

“Knowing my company has taken this action to give us these resources and support proves to me that they actually care about my mental health. This shows me I'm not just another number that is supposed to produce work for them, they see me as a person they care about”

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