Valerie Spiropoulos, LCPC
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Professional Profile

Valerie Spiropoulos, LCPC

Co-Founder, Coach

Hello! I am Val!

Co-Founder, Therapist, Founder of The Centered Entrepreneur, Lover of nature, my roots and anything self development.

“Boundaries are not for other people- they are for us to protect ourselves from negative emotions and experiences.”

My mission is to empower women and female entrepreneurs to invest in themselves first before they begin the journey of investing in their work and business.  

Most women who struggle in their careers often don't consider how big of an impact their emotions play -I believe that it's the best predictor of our success!

One of the gifts I bring to The Centered Life is guidance.

When I work with my clients, I teach them to improve their emotional intelligence so that they walk confidently towards their dreams!  Women that are connected with other women and value community are my favorite groups to work with since being together charges up everyone and we all benefit!

I’m grateful that I get to give gentle reminders of self care to women, now more than ever in our world. Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury!

I want to hear my clients talk about their results- to me, to each other, and not just for our benefit here at The Centered Life, but to be able to talk about the progress that they’ve seen in themselves, their businesses, and in all areas in their life.

I’m a wife, a mom, and also the leader of The Centered Entrepreneur. I help women who are starting and growing businesses that already understand the value of prioritizing their emotions and want to improve on their emotional health in order to up-level their businesses.

If you are new to therapy, I want you to know that the relationship that you and your therapist share is so foundational and important to your success! We must connect as people before we can connect as therapist and client. 

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