Katherine Gonzalez
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Professional Profile
Professional Profile

Katherine Gonzalez



Hola! I’m Katherine
Therapist, Dog mommy to Lucas and BILINGUAL THERAPIST (Yo Hablo Espanol)

“Change is Always good- it can be hard, it can be scary, but it can be something that will bring something positive and something different into your life to keep moving forward!” 

I moved 11 years ago from Chile after studying psychology and completed my master’s degree at Benedictine University. I was looking to explore opportunities and found The Centered Life, I knew “this is it!” after meeting the women at this office. There is so much here to celebrate.

Working with kids, teens and adults, I have a wide range of experience in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) along with other techniques. 

With clients, we have to remember that they are coming to us because they are suffering, coming to us to get support. My goal is to help individuals love themselves, be real with themselves, and get comfortable with who they are using and learning skills to move forward in life.

What I bring to the table is a wide range of ways therapy can help using conventional and non-conventional ways.

I love to be creative in the process of therapy to support my clients. I try to adjust to every individual in their own unique way.

Playing games, doing art, and getting creative helps me to work with whatever the client brings to the table. It’s not about me having an agenda, it’s about meeting the client to where they are when they come to us. 

What motivates me is to keep my mind open to new things, knowledge and experiences. I love spoiling my dog Lucas, he makes my day so much better, he makes me smile and laugh. He makes me be more active and to be more present in the moment.

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