Aneta Kryczka, LCPC
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Professional Profile

Aneta Kryczka, LCPC

Co-Founder, Internship Director

Hello, I’m Aneta. It’s wonderful to connect with you (Tak, mówię po polsku)

Co-Founder, Therapist, Internship Director, Wife, Mom and Connector!

“The most important connection you have is with yourself. Reconnecting with who you are will help you feel empowered and regain control of your life.”

In the busy rush of work, life and raising a family, losing yourself is easy. Carving out “you” time is challenging. As a mom of two little ones, I understand “Mom Guilt” all too well – how disconnected, overwhelmed and anxious we can become while trying to keep it all together. 

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you gain back control and feel empowered in your life. You deserve to reconnect with yourself and have someone support you along the way. Each day, I’m fulfilled by working with people like you and their families, helping them build strong relationships and establish deeper, more positive connections with themselves. 

When you book your appointment with us, know that it’s important to me that you feel welcome. I value that you take time to see me. I can be the gentle space you need to share what’s on your mind. I’m honored to earn your trust and to have you open up to me or to any member of our practice. We want to establish a solid, trustworthy relationship with you to help you enjoy your life to the fullest. Thank you for taking the time to come into our space to heal. 

I was drawn to be part of The Centered Life because of my past work experience working in the hospital setting. The restrictions and limitations I encountered while working with clients who have medical conditions didn’t provide the right focus on the client’s needs. As part of what I do now, I help my clients no longer live in fear, find and receive all of the support they need without these restrictions, and gain the strength to fight through these medical challenges!

Here, I have the freedom and capability to truly serve you in the way that you need. Plus, the flexibility of this career has created a better balance between work and time with my family, for me and our entire team.

One of the gifts I bring to The Centered Life is fostering relationships. 

In my eyes, life is about connection – building and maintaining relationships with you and my colleagues. Every day, I strive to create and maintain a family-like environment at The Centered Life. Yes, Jeni is my ‘work wife’. When I’m not supporting clients or team members, you can find me making memories with my family and friends.

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