Enjoy Your Home During Distancing

Enjoy Your Home During Distancing

Family at Home

“Make your house a member of the family.” -Sarah Ban Breathnach

We are spending more time in our homes right now, and part of yourself-care plan during this time may involve organizing. Organizing reconnectsyou with your home and helps increase a feeling of control over your life at atime when things feel out of control.

How to get started with organizing right now?

  • Startwith a identifying a few keywords. How do you want to feel in yourspace? How do you want to spend time in your space? What is important to youand your family? These words will serve as a guide as you are making decisionsabout what to keep and let go of in your space.
  • Setrealistic expectations with yourself and family.Yes, we are home more, and that time at home might be filled with new work fromhome routines, e-learning for families with children, care taking for smallerchildren or elderly relatives. There might be limited time to accomplish whatyou would like to accomplish, so be gentle with yourself. You don’t have to doit all. Ever. Consider taking on small projects. What is your pain point area?The junk drawer that won’t close all the way? The overwhelming Tupperwarecabinet? Untangle these knots. Or give yourself a few minutes to walk aroundand identify 2-3 items that clearly bring you joy and a feeling of ease.
  • Getkids involved and give them some control over their spaces and lives.They are facing the same challenges as adults right now with a loss of controland autonomy. They can choose a few keywords to describe they want to feel intheir rooms. Consider projects that they can tackle on their own depending ontheir ages and interest. They might be able to sort out clothes that no longerfit, toys that are from a previous phase in their lives. How can they help inanother area of the house?
  • Shopin your home, and find treasures. This is another great way to getkids involved. No need (or opportunity) to shop for storage solutions rightnow. Hunt for baskets in your own home. Almost every client I’ve worked with sofar ends up with an abundance of baskets. What can you use these for?Corralling school related items and books or designating a basket per kid forsnacks each day. Also, almost every client I’ve worked with finds money in theform of unused gift cards, cash and lots of change in old bags/purses, uncashedchecks, items to be returned. Consider your keywords identified above, what’simportant to you, and search your home for items that will help you turn up thevolume on what you want in your space.

Our homes are doing a lot for us right now. We can use some of this time to care for them and in the process of doing so, care for ourselves.

Megan Spillman, KonMari consultant and founder of Peace and Tidy


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