Savannah Rucker
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Professional Profile
Professional Profile

Savannah Rucker



Hi! I’m Savannah. It’s a pleasure to meet you. 

Therapist, Wife, Mom, Veteran and Outdoor Adventurer. 

“Pain is a normal part of life but suffering doesn’t have to be. If you learn to experience feelings and symptoms in a different way, you can take back control of your life.”

If you’ve experienced trauma, you deserve care and support – a person to help you process what happened and move through it. Starting your healing journey begins with asking for help from someone you feel you can trust. I’m here to help you when you’re ready. 

Because I understand that traditional methods of treatment like exposure therapy can be triggering, I am a gentle therapist who provides a holistic, nature-based approach to your healing. I also am well versed in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). In our work together, you will get to know yourself, build personal awareness, and develop your own skills to cope with life. 

Imagine – living life by your own values and not what others expect of you. What could that look like? 

As a Marine who believes that all women are strong, I was shocked to discover the extremely high rates of sexual assault and trauma within the military. During and after my five years of service, I’ve been drawn to helping women veterans work through these events and find peace. In this work, they have empowered themselves through recovery and learning to live mindfully in the present moment.

Now, as well as helping veterans, I’m also interested in working with members of law enforcement and people in other highly stressful situations, helping them process their traumatic experiences and live life on their terms.

One of the gifts I bring to The Centered Life is empowerment. 

I love working at The Centered Life because of the practice’s focus on empowering women and families. I am all about empowering women from all walks of life. I am a working mom and I understand all too well the pressures moms face, whether they stay at home or choose to work.  

Through mindfulness and being more present, I help women, adolescents and families feel empowered and have better relationships. This way, they create a ripple effect, inspiring others to be more intentional about how they interact with themselves and those they love.

I’m also one of the leaders of our two groups, Mindful Mamas and Create Your Calm For Teens. In these communities, we encourage and uplift each other by offering support and normalizing self-care and mindful living. 

Life for me is best experienced outside – watching my kids play in the dirt, reading in my backyard hammock, or tending to my garden. I enjoy taking care of my body by working out, running and lifting weights. For me, the perfect way to unwind at the end of an adventure-filled day is curling up and watching a great crime documentary.

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